Finding a better WordPress theme for your site


Photo by Baher Khairy on Unsplash

Once you have decided to use WordPress for your site the next big question is which theme should I choose? You may want a theme for your blog or your site or you want to build an online store or you are a recruiting agency want to set up a recruitment portal. All these stuff are possible with WordPress and a kick-ass theme can make things easy for you. In this write-up, I have explained on how to approach a theme selection with a few use case.

Attractive UI is not your theme :

A WordPress theme is more about the functionality than the appearance, Most of the themes in the market concentrate on the design aspect and most of the live demo are about the front end. A balanced backend saves a lot of time for the site editor. All of the theme functionality should be able to be accessible and updated from the dashboard.

Look out for exact functionality :

In most cases when a theme is chosen for its elegance and design, it would probably do serve only the common purpose if you are looking for a specific functionality then have that on priority when deciding on the theme for eg. you might want to display your portfolio along with the client testimonial and you wanted to add more details about the project, in this case, you cannot simply look out for a portfolio theme with various possible representation. if you do so then you would probably end up hiring a developer to implement your functionality in your theme.

You don’t need cockpit switches to drive a bike :

A lot of theme development agency out of competition bundle massive functionality into a single theme it is a good business strategy it promotes them as they have an all in one solution (The Multi Purpose) but for the end users, it is a bit of pain. Even with extensive documentation, the users have high time completing their website in some cases even the WordPress theme customizers find it difficult. Since there is no standard way of developing a backend functionality and each developer prefers a different approach and this scenario remains unorganized.

Code Quality plays a vital role :

Though we are looking out for a perfect fit still we might need to compromise on certain factor and we should be able to implement some of the features hiring a developer, in such cases the code quality plays a vital role if it is easy to read and the flow is managed perfectly then the additional development would be greatly reduced. Unless the author reveals about the code quality we won’t be able to determine on this particular.

Bidding on the reliability of the theme :

The reliability depends on the author or the agency behind the development process, Premium themes are subjected to most of the WordPress attacks, but it is not a huge concern if the theme author provides constant updates, security patches over the period of their support after all you have followed the WordPress security guides while installation. there is no definite answer to the question how long a premium theme should provide support? the better is at least a year but there are quite a few themes with lifetime updates.

Give some thought to themes in WordPress repository :

This is a definite yes, The themes in WordPress repository are mostly for the blogs, they go through standard screening methods and some of them have a limited functionality to be extended as a complete website but still, they are completely reliable. if you just want a website that is easy to edit and you don’t need any big investment or a developer support.

To sum up, your theme selection should be aligned with the theme and essence of your website. Just a random pick based on the pricing and the design won’t do any good. It is always advised to do a perfect audit before a theme purchase or if this is overwhelming tasks take advise from WordPress experts. Remember the website you build is your identity and it needs to be handled with perfection.